Sony Alpha a7S: First Look

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Have you ever felt like you were being watched? The Sony a7S allowed us to recreate a situation most of us have felt at some point of our life–that feeling of being watched. Sony’s product reliability is spot-on with this lightweight, low-light monster. With ISO levels as high as 409600, staying noise-free can be an issue. With the right lens, you can get the camera comfortable enough to prevent against noise (for the most part). With good low-light capabilities comes better control over your depth of field. For the first-look video, we used a shallow depth of field to show her being isolated with her technology. She remains closed off from the world.

To amplify the moment when things became more frightening, we used a wider depth of field to show vulnerability.  This put tension on the audience while opening up the main character. The dynamic range is on par with other Sony cameras such as F5 and F55.

The a7S is a full-frame camera, and for this shoot, we used a Metabones adapter that vignetted, so we center cropped to an APS-C size sensor.

Other than the amazing low-light capabilities, S-log, and internal recording options, one of the biggest pluses of the Sony a7S is its small and lightweight functioning body.  This makes it easy to get creative while using stabilization equipment like the Movi M5 or even drones.

In the end, there is no better test than getting your hands on the camera and trying it out yourself!  Be your own judge and check out the Sony a7s!

Some of the equipment included in the production of the A7s First Look Video was the Sony a7s, Movi M5Canon Cinema Prime Lens, and the SmallHD AC7 LCD Field Monitor Kit.

Cast: Woman: Stella Martin, Man: Mike Davis.

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