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Magnanimous Media was a proud sponsor of The Shane Hurlbut Illumination Experience Tour this year in Chicago, IL.  The Illumination Experience Tour gives an immersive educational experience regarding the fundamentals of cinematography.  The full-day workshop teaches its students about powerful principles and techniques, which you can immediately use in your own personal projects.  As a sponsor, we were able to contribute to the overall experience of the workshop by bringing some of our newest and most versatile equipment, which guests were then able to get their hands on!

Shane Hurlburt was in charge, and we’re not the first to say that he’s the right man for the job.  Shane is an amazing cinematographer who shoots multimillion-dollar blockbuster films. He hosted the entire 2014 tour, giving people creative hands-on advice and tips.  Shane has created beautiful cinematic pieces, such as Swing Vote, Need For Speed, Act of Valor, and The Greatest Game Ever Played.

Here is a detailed list of his career.

“Simply put… One of the greatest experiences of my career. Thank you to Shane and team, all of the sponsors and many thanks for such an incredible experience! Chicago.”

-Patrick Jesseman

The moment people started to arrive, creative energy started to flow. The attendees were excited and eager to learn while simultaneously cultivating a strong sense of community. Shane took the creative approach and truly elaborated on the unique exploration of learning.  Shane and his team set up three different active sets from blockbuster hits he worked on, including as Crazy/Beautiful.  A stroll around the workshop felt like walking on a Hollywood movie set. Shane and crew created filmmaking life lesson, not a run-of-the-mill seminar. People participated, engaged and had the opportunity to actually light and shoot scenes using the movie sets with the latest technology.

Backstage Pass with Shane Hurlbut from MZed on Vimeo.

Not only were the participants of the Illumination experience excited, but so were the sponsors!  Some other sponsors included Music Bed and Fiilex LED Lights. Music Bed is a music licensing company that believes that relevant music should be obtainable for all levels of productions. Fiilex LED lighting, another sponsor, is a new technology lighting company.  Fiilex has spent over 10 years researching and developing their LED technology and lighting systems to make for a strong, durable, long-lasting product.

 Overall, being a sponsor of the Illuminations Tour was educational, fun, and a great networking event! We suggest you sign up for the tour in your city!

Some of the equipment used at our booth during the tour: Arri Alexa, Sony F55 + AXS-R5 Recorder, Movi M5, Canon CN-E 14mm Cinema Prime, Zeiss 28-80 mm Compact Zoom Lens, Angenieux 16-42 mm, SmallHD DP4, Small HD DP7, TV Logic 17”, Aadynetch ECO Punch Plus LED Kit, and the Hive Wasp Plasma Par.

For more information about the tour or our gear list, email us at


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