5 Ways We Can Help You Stream.

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Video Streaming Options

Video streaming has become a bigger part of everyone’s daily life. Here are five ways that we can help you with your next stream.

1. Video Streaming Gear

We have a variety of cameras and components that can help make your next stream a little easier. Need a camera that is perfect for your project? Perhaps you need the right converter box to make your signal flow seamlessly? No matter the item, we have it or we can find it for you!

2. Video Streaming Tech/Service

We have teamed up with our production partner Perfect Circle to offer Streaming Services. The service includes a laptop with all the necessary software, a technician well versed in today’s streaming requirements, and all the gear needed to get your signal into the computer and on to your preferred platform. Cameras and other production resources rent separately.

3. TurnKey Streaming Studio

Lights, Camera, Stream! Want to walk in, sit down, and start your video stream? This is the option for you. Our studio comes ready with all the gear needed for you to go live! This service includes a backdrop of your choice. Schedule a tour today!

4. Flypack Switcher and Streaming Service

Are you are on location and need to do a live-switched stream? The flypack is everything you need in one package as well as a technician! Cameras rent separately, but whatever cameras you choose can be easily plugged into the flypack, and switched with graphics, audio, and other components live on location.

5. Consultation

Just need some info? We streamed live for 25 days in a row, and learned a whole lot! Our blog posts are comprehensive and free!

If you prefer some one-on-one consulting our technicians are available to help at an hourly rate.

Give us a Call at 312-465-2366, or visit MagRents.com to get started.


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