The Doughnut Dance: A Behind-the-Scenes Take

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Magnanimous Media had the opportunity to donate equipment and shoot behind the scenes for the 2014 Pens to Lens screenwriting project. The Pens To Lens competition began in February 2013, with the goal of creating an outlet for K-12 students to participate in the local film community. Students submitted original screenplays that could then be developed into short films. During their first year, the competition received over 100 original screenplay submissions from students ranging from ages 5-18.  The Champaign Movie Makers (CMM) produced nine original films from the submissions, and the Champaign-Urbana Design Organization created movie posters. CMM has inspired young writers and made their stories come alive. (And who wouldn’t love that!) The submissions were entered and the judges picked a winner. A red carpet gala followed wherein screenwriters, their families, and the crew were able to see their final project on the big screen.

Magnanimous Media assisted a film and media production company in Champaign, IL, The Shatterglass Studios, with the necessary equipment in order to make the production possible.  Magnanimous Media shot a behind-the-scenes mini documentary filming the production of  “The Doughnut Dance”.

“The Doughnut Dance” is a short film about the battle over the last doughnut in a small cafe in Chicago.

The Doughnut Dance (A Pens to Lens Short) from Shatterglass Studios on Vimeo.

Jason Knade (director) and Ben McBurnett (director of photography) truly captured the fun and excitement of an old-fashioned food fight with a splash of “Saving Private Ryan” cinematography. The actors ranged from students to local celebrities like Tim Hopper, who is known for Vanilla Sky (2001) and School of Rock (2003). The cast also included model Alexandra Pinheiro and actor Flavia Borges. With an experienced crew, a great cast, and an amazing screenplay from Jessie Denning–as well as the right equipment–the production was a success!

Some of the equipment included in the production of the “The Doughnut Dance” was the Red Epic Dragon, Arri Matte Box,  Digital Juice Slyder Dolly,  Schneider Xenon EF Primes, and the Hive Wasp Plasma Par.

Click here to view the full cast list!

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