NAB SHOW 2016 Video Coverage

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Nokia shows off their new VR camera, the Ozo, and discusses some of its exciting applications, like the ability to livestream.

Canon’s new 18-80mm Compact Servo lens combines the features of broadcast, servo, and still lenses for something truly new and unique.

We got a quick look at the potential future of Canon with their 8K camera prototype, as well as an 8K ready servo zoom lens.

Zeiss showed us their new VR headset that works with most newer phones and how it can be used to view and control a drone camera feed.

Teradek shows off the Sphere, their new 360 video and VR stitching, monitoring, and live-streaming solution.

Check out the latest from DJI, including the brand new Ronin-MX gimbal and the most powerful DJI drone yet, the M600.

We took a look at some VR and 360 degree camera rig systems from GoPro, and learned about their vision for these new emerging formats.

Ready Rig talks about their new support system for gimbal stabilizers like the DJI Ronin to help make operation easier and less physically demanding.

Leica shows off their new +1 diopter, the Cine Macrolux, which can turns any Summicron-c or Summilux-c lens into a Macro lens with next to no light loss.

Canon talks about two of their new powerful DSLRs, the 80D and 1DX MkII, both of which sport several useful upgrades over their predecessors.

Freefly Systems talks about their brand new drone, the ALTA 8, a followup to the ALTA 6 which includes upgrades like increased payload.

AAdynTech gave us a run down of the latest updates to their impressive LED light fixtures, including a look at the new Punch Variable.

Sony shows us the a7S II, and gives an overview of its improvements over its predecessor like internal 4K.

Check out the latest plasma lights from Hive Lighting like the Bee and Wasp 1000.

Vision Research brought their upcoming 2500fps Phantom VEO camera to NAB and we got a chance to take a look at it.

Edelkrone showed off two new interesting tools. The Stand Plus is a quick folding and easily adjustable camera stand, and the Jib Plus augments jibs by automatically tracking and focusing on specified targets.

Redrock Micro gave us an overview of their next generation product line, Eclipse, a series of products designed to work individually or together to help single operators and small crews work more efficiently.

Sound Devices talks about their rugged line of external video recorders/monitors and some powerful features like simultaneous ProRes and H.264 recording.

We took a look at the Sony FS5 and learned about the ways in which it is different and similar to the FS7.

Cineo talks about their remote phosphor lights, as well as how they are putting that technology into larger LED fixtures as well.


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