Canon C300 Mark II – First Look

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The Canon C300 Mk II carries on the legacy that the original Canon C300 created. It’s a camera that will thrive in all fields of cinema, especially documentary. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one for a evening a couple months before its release. With no real plan, we hired 2 models and went searching for shots in downtown Chicago.

Most of the footage is shot at ISO 4000 with a Canon 24-105mm L series lens. I also had a Schneider Xenon FF 35mm as well. I shot Canon Log 2  with C.Gamut color space in UHD. Instead of doing a grade I applied the Canon LUT for my desired settings: CinemaGamut_CanonLog2-to-BT.709_WideDR

canon c300 mkii

Canon C300 Mark II – First Look – Night Shoot from Magnanimous Media on Vimeo.

Watch it in 4K here:

No adjustments were made to the footage after the LUT was applied.

Cinematographer Scott Oldis took the new Canon C300 mkii out for a quick daylight test as well. I did the grade and started with Canon Log 2. When this daylight video was shot none of the Canon LUTs were available online. The grade was done in Davinci Resolve using the basics. I started by adding contrast and saturation to the image. I then used the primary controls to further dial in contrast.

Canon C300 Mark II – First Look – First Look from Magnanimous Media on Vimeo.

Watch it in 4K here:

Written by Corey Lillard.


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