RGB Lighting Adds Color to the Movie Palette

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RGB Lighting, what is it?

RGB Lighting is LED light fixture technology that produces a wide variety of color output options by blending the three primary colors: red, blue, and green. RGB lights are versatile enough to match the color accuracy of just about any other light, and can also pre-match color temperature gels. There are many RGB lighting options produced for the film/video industry, and Magnanimous Rentals includes several options in its inventory, such as the Arri Skypanels, the Astera Titan Tubes, the Quasar Science Rainbow Tubes, and the LiteMat Spectrums.

Why You Always Want Lighting

We’ve given you the what, and in our video some of the why. If you’d like to learn more about why you always want lighting for your video check out our friend Bottle Rocket Media’s post “Why You Always Want Lighting…for Your Video”. Dan Fisher at Bottle Rocket asserts some of fundamental reasons on why lighting, hair styling, and make-up are crucial components for optimizing your video’s value. They’ve put the reasoning to the test too, so don’t forget to watch their videos. The proof is in the pudding!

RGB Lighting Options

Arri Skypanels

We currently have two Arri Skypanel options: the Skypanel S60 and the Skypanel S120C. These lights are the highest output RGB options in our inventory. The S120C is about twice the output of the S60. The Arri Skypanels have quickly become industry standard options due to their output, vast color temperature options, and of course, the reliability Arri is known for with all of their products. In this video, Mike demonstrates the Skypanel S60. Mike mounts the S60 on one of our Combo Double Riser Lo-Boy Stands because it has a junior mount to secure the light. Mike adjusts the color by selecting the “Mode” button on the the back of the light. This displays the “Hue” and “Saturation” options in the menu. Mike can then adjust the color temperature with the middle knob, and dial incremental green and magenta changes by using the knob on the right.

The S60 also has multiple powering options. The light includes a ballast and cable to connect to an outlet. We also have a Dual Gold Mount Battery Plate that can attach to the back of the light and provide power. Two gold mount batteries will need to be attached in order to power the light. This battery plate also works with the smaller Skypanel S30. We do not have any S30s in our inventory yet, but we plan to get some soon. The larger S120C cannot use this battery plate.

We also have a Chimera POP Bank which can provide additional diffusion for the S60. The S60 includes an integrated soft diffusion panel, but if that is not enough our Chimera POP Bank can provide an additional half stop, full stop, and 1-½ stop diffusion.

Astera Titan Tubes

The Astera Titan Tubes trade output for extreme versatility in a variety of applications. They are fully battery powered, and are capable of run times as long as 20 hours. Our Astera LED Titan 4-Tube Kit includes a variety of mounting options as well. You will find Eye Bolts for rigging the tubes to a lighting grid with a chain. You will find ¼-20 to ⅜-16 spigots for fastening to a variety of grip clamps that can then attach to any number of stands or other grip items. The kit also includes a floor stand for each tube to vertically position the tube perpendicular to the floor. The floor stand can also serve as a resting mount if you are using the lights as handheld option.

Our Astera Kit also includes a bluetooth box that connects to your smartphone. The smartphone app can simultaneously connect all four tubes, and collectively or individually make adjustments to the settings of each tube. One can choose preset effects, or create and save custom effects. You can even name the tubes based on where they are positioned on set so you know exactly which one you are adjusting.

These RGB tubes are popular practical lights for stylized music videos, and are great if you’re on the move runnin’ and gunnin’!.

Quasar Science Rainbow Tubes

The Quasar Science Rainbow tubes are a higher output LED tube option. They are more powerful than the Astera Titan tubes, but not quite as versatile. They do not include a battery option, or smartphone app control. They are powered by a wall outlet, and controlled with an on-board menu interface. They are also DMX controllable. We include two tube lengths in our inventory: 2ft and 4ft. We also include a variety of mounting options: a Quasar Science T12 Single Plate, Double Plate, and Quad Plate. All of these plates includes an adjustable baby spud that can attach to a variety of grip stands and other devices.

Color can easily be adjusted in these tubes by selecting “Hue” in the menu settings, and then scrolling through the RGB options.

The Quasar Science Rainbow tubes are also great as practical lights, and because of their higher output can be used as key and fill lights.

LiteMat Spectrums

The LiteMat Spectrums by LiteGear are our newest LED RGB lighting option. We currently have available for rental the LiteMat Spectrum 1, which is approximately 12” by 21”. We also have the LiteMat Spectrum 2, which is approximate 21” by 21”, and the LiteMat Spectrum 2L, which is approximately 12” by 40”.

Each light includes a stand mount, a ballast, a louver, a ¼ stop diffuser, a ½ stop diffuser, and a full stop diffuser.

The grey switch on the ballast sets the light to RGB mode, and from there you can adjust the color temperature with the control knob. 

The lights can be mounted in a variety of positions, so although it may appear in this video that Mike mounted the LiteMat Spectrum 2 upside down, the attached power cable can be removed, repositioned, and reattached to any edge. The LiteMat’s edges are velcro, and the cable can attach anywhere along the edge with the included velcro straps. We will certainly dig more into these particular lights since we’ve only had them for a couple of days, so be on the lookout for a Setup & Overview video.

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