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Video Equipment Rentals Delivered

When I first started renting gear in 2007, I had a Panasonic HVX200 and some P2 cards. I was renting gear out of my tiny apartment in Bridgeport. It was my aim to make every order happen and find a solution for our customers. So, Rather than have a customer drive down to my apartment, I would deliver every order directly to them. I put a whole bunch of miles on my little 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe. In the beginning, that small SUV was the backbone of our business. It was our company delivery vehicle when we first incorporated Magnanimous Media in 2010. Our earliest employees would drive it all over Chicago, just as I did. When we moved into our new office space in 2013, we finally purchased a proper delivery van. To this day, we still deliver orders all over the the Chicagoland area and much of the Midwest. Whether you are in the loop, Downers Grover, Dubuque, or Kalamazoo, we can deliver your order, and if not, we can ship most of our items right to your door. That same “do whatever it takes” mentality still persists at Magnanimous today. So, if you are on set with a last minute need or shooting on-location in the Midwest, we are here to help and we deliver. Let us deliver for you at MagRents.com.


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