Covid-19 Disinfecting and Cleaning Protocol

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Covid-19 Cleaning Protocol and Update

Craig provides a status update and some insight into our cleaning process for those that are concerned about the safety of using rental gear. We have updated our cleaning process to ensure that our shop is staying clean and sanitary. Scroll further down the post to watch a more detailed video about our continuing cleaning efforts, and some new disinfecting procedures.

Disinfecting Our Equipment and Shop

Our focus must expand beyond the health of our gear, and focus more on the health of our employees and the health of our customers. In order to do this we are making changes to our gear process flow. The gear process flow is the order in which we process all of our rental equipment between every order. Between all rental orders, we have separate processes for prepping equipment, checking-in equipment after it returns from an order, and testing equipment. Equipment can be handled by several technicians in between orders, so in order to protect our health, and our customers’ health, it is the handling of equipment that will receive extra attention.

Equipment will be handled with FDA approved protective gloves. Employees will frequently use disinfecting hand sanitizer throughout the day. Disinfecting wipes will be used on commonly handled pieces of equipment and surfaces. For example, in this video I review all of our new procedures, and demonstrate wiping down the case handle and latches of our Canon C500 Mark II.

We are also applying focus to commonly handled or used areas of our shop. Some of the most frequently used objects in our shop are the front door handles. These handles will be disinfected daily. Our customer and employee bathrooms will also have their faucet and toilet handles disinfected daily. In addition to these measures, we will continue to mop our floors every night, and will be cleaning all table top surfaces with disinfecting wipes. Lastly, our kitchen and all of its appliances will be thoroughly wiped every night. 

All of these measures will assist providing us protection from Covid-19, but we must all, individually, scrutinize our own daily actions to ensure we are reasonably doing what we can to protect our health. This requires each of us to be diligent about our own personal hygiene.

These efforts are now in place so that Magnanimous Media may continue to provide you with the inexpensive production essentials and customer service you need to flourish. If you have questions about these procedures, then do not hesitate to contact us. If you need equipment, then please visit to setup an account or create a new order. We stand firm and ready to provide you the equipment you need. 


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