What on Earth is a Jib Dolly?

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Jib Dolly, what is it?

We all know what a Jib Dolly is. Right? Let’s confirm. In order to know what a Jib Dolly is, we need to know what a jib is, and what a dolly is. According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, a jib can be defined as the “the projecting arm of a crane”. A dolly can be defined as “a small platform on wheels used for holding heavy objects, typically film or television cameras”. So a Jib Dolly, in the film and video industry, is exactly what we thought it was: “a small platform on wheels that supports the weight and movement of a projecting arm, or jib, which supports the weight and movement of a camera system.”

What do we include in our jib dolly setup?

We include the following items in our setup:

Why do we include these items in our setup?

The Doorway Dolly is a great dolly solution that can provide multiple angles of movement, and support up to 800 pounds. This dolly does is trackless which can make for quicker shot selections, and more easily negotiate certain areas, especially indoors. The hi-hat is used to support the Kessler Pocket Jib, and is secured to the dolly using ratchet straps. The two mafer clamps secure the dolly wheels so the dolly can move in a straight forward or backward motion. If one doesn’t need an exactly straight forward or backward motion, then mafer clamps are not needed. The Kessler Pocket Jib is simply our best jib for its versatility of length, motion, and payload capacity. We are using the Canon 5D Mark IV for several reasons, but primarily because it is able to connect to a computer via WiFi, and control the camera. This is especially helpful if the camera is being mounted to a jib dolly in such a way that that makes the camera either inaccessible or untouchable, in that it is being used to frame a precise composition that one does not want to accidentally move by touching the camera. The Canon 24-70mm zoom lens has a range of focal lengths that will help one dial in their preferred composition.

How do we build this setup?

  • Secure the dolly wheels with the mafer clamps. (4:14)
  • Secure the Hi-Hat to the dolly platform with the ratchet straps. (7:51)
  • Mount and secure the Kessler Pocket Jib to the Hi-Hat. (16:00)
  • Prepare the jib for the fluid head and camera system. (22:44)
  • Mount the Sachtler Video 20 S1 Fluid Head to the jib. (23:26)
  • Prep the camera for the jib. (25:26)
  • Mount the Canon 5D Mark IV to the fluid head, and the lens to the camera. (26:47)

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