Selling Your Used Gear?

by | Mar 28, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Do you have used Photo/Video equipment you want to sell? Let us help. We have a huge mailing list, a high traffic eBay page, and techs that can test/ship the gear as well. Reach out to with your gear list or to schedule a consult! 


How it works:

1) Let us know your desired sale price and the bare minimum you will accept.
2) Send us photos of the gear and detail any wear and tear. (You can drop it off and let us do this if you prefer.)
3) We will post it and promote it on our Ebay page.
4) If it sells you can drop off the item to us, we will test it, ship it. We cover the cost of shipping and pass that cost along to the buyer.
5) We transfer the money minus fees.
Let’s Get Started!


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