NAB 2015 Video Coverage!

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At NAB 2015, we caught some exclusive information and checked out all the newest gear for you. Below are the videos of what we saw and how you can get your hands on them!

State of the Industry (according to NAB 2015)

We asked a variety of our industry colleagues for their thoughts on the state of our industry. We heard some interesting answers….

John Sagud of Canon USA noted the challenging nature of the industry, since cameras are getting cheaper when products are “not a volume product. It’s a low-volume market.”

“Technology is more accessible,” Jon Miller of Hive Lighting told us. With more people working and higher-quality technology, the market is depressed. A disparity exists between $100 million budgets and $10 million films. The industry now calls for products that can give you more while using less.

Steadicam and helicopter shots used to be expensive, according to Michael Perry of DJI Innovations, but technology is now much more simplified. Consumers want products as accessible as their DSLRs, which means the industry is looking at a future of complex technology that is simplified for users at accessible prices.

Brian Valente of Redrock Micro compared similar notes: since the DSLR revolution, accessibility is paramount. No longer are ten years of experience required for high-end production. Valente suggested that the industry has no one clear direction.

“Don’t look at the data; just look at the picture and tell us what you like,” said David Bernbach of Arri Motion Picture Company. The industry no longer defines a good picture by resolution; it is now comprised of innumerable factors, including color and dynamic range. Aesthetic appeal precedes technicalities. As for the direction of the industry, Bernbach speculated about virtual reality following the 3D fad.

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Andra Motion Focus System


Letus Helix Gimbal Systems

Black Magic Design Camera Line Overview

Westcott Lighting Flex Panel

Qinematiq Focus Tracker

F&V Z720 LED Cinema-Style Ring Light

With a diameter of 290mm, the Z720 ring light can be used with larger-sized lenses and so much more. Take a look!

Arri Lighting SkyPanel

Listen to Arri production manager David Bernbach talk about the new Alexa Mini.

3D Robotics Solo Drone

Check out the latest from 3D Robotics on their new Solo Drone.

Panasonic DVX200

Panasonic reveals their new large Sensor 4K handheld camera, the AG-DVX200. Find more about it here!

Cineo Lighting

Check out the latest from Cineo Lighting at NAB 2015.

Canon XC10 4K

Get the scoop on Canon’s XC10 4K camera.

Freefly Systems 

Jonah gives the run-down on the new gear from Freely, such as the Freefly ALTA drone, the MIMIC, and the Wedge.

Redrock Mirco

Brian Valente celebrates Redrock’s 10-year anniversary with some awesome new gear, like the new Halo System. Find more about it here:

Arri Alexa Mini

Listen to Arri production manager David Bernbach talk about the new Alexa Mini.

Canon EOS C300 Mark II

Hear Jon Sagud talk about the new Canon C300 Mark II and what we can expect from Canon in 2015.

RED Weapon

Jonah Rubash gives us the lowdown about the RED Weapon.

DJI Aerial Drones

Check out the latest from DJI at NAB 2015!

HIVE Lighting

Chief product officer John Miller talks about what HIVE Lighting has in store for 2015.


CEO Wes Phillips speaks about the new 502 Monitor and sidewinder EVF from SmallHD.


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