DJI Osmo Pro Setup and Overview Video

by | Dec 1, 2018 | Video Equipment Review | 0 comments


The DJI Osmo Pro offers a higher level of production value in one of the smallest handheld packages. It uses the same handle as other Osmo products, but utilizes the DJI X5 camera. The X5 camera features a 16mp Micro 4/3 sensor with 12.8 stops of dynamic range, and is capable of video recording in 4K UHD up to 30fps, and 1080p hd up to 60fps, as well as RAW photos! With the larger sensor, the X5 camera has brought a more cinematic look to the Osmo form factor. Coupled with the DJI 15mm f1.7 lens, you can capture a much shallower depth of field then ever before. Mike does a deep dive into the setup, functionality, and operation of the Osmo Pro in our Setup and Overview Video! 

You can Rent the Osmo Pro at here.


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