Canon C500 Mark II with an Atlas Orion Anamorphic Lens

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Canon C500 Mark II, what is it?

The Canon EOS C500 Mark II is the newest high-end digital cinema camera in Canon’s inventory. The camera includes a 6K Full Frame CMOS sensor. It is capable of recording at a 6K resolution up to 60fps with a 10-bit color space. The 6K resolution can also record 24 and 30fps in a 12-bit color space. Canon also offer its XAVC codec as a recording option if you only need to record at a 4K resolution. The camera’s form factor is shorter, and more modular than previous high-end Canon cinema cameras. For example, the rear EVF is removable. Furthermore, the XLR ports have been moved from the previous cameras’ top monitor unit to the rear of this camera’s body. The camera also introduces an easily removable lens mount to switch from EF to PL, in a similar way to that of Red cinema cameras.

What is an Atlas Orion Anamorphic Lens?

We are using a 65mm Atlas Orion Anamorphic lens. This lens a cost effective, and fast anamorphic lens solution for lower-budget, low-light productions. The widest T-stop on this lens is T2; however, optimal sharpness is typically found somewhere between T2.8 and T4. The lens features a 2x (two times) anamorphic “squeeze”, which means the lens captures two times more horizontal light than spherical lenses. The lens’s interchangeable mount accommodates EF and PL Mount cameras.

What equipment are we using in this camera build?

How do we put together this camera build?

  • Assemble Canon C500 Mark II Camera (5:43)
  • Attach cameras to the Sachtler V20 S1 fluid head (10:48)
  • Connect the Teradek Bolt 500 Transmitter to the camera (11:31)
  • Mount the lens to the camera (13:52)
  • Make sure Teradek Bolt 500 Receiver is mounted and connected to the production monitor. (15:40)
  • Adjust the squeeze factor setting in the camera to match the 2x squeeze of the lens, and activate the de-squeeze video output settings to view the de-squeezed image in the production monitor. (16:13)
  • Mike reviews the Adobe Premiere de-squeeze post-production process. (17:32)
  • Mike reviews additional camera and Canon Cinema RAW Lite codec features. (20:18)

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