C-Motion Legacy Wireless Lens and Camera Control System

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Magnanimous Media has always been about providing access to equipment to our customers that they couldn’t otherwise afford or justify in a budget. This access provides more production value per dollar, pushing the ambitions of our renters further. We encourage our renters to realize their visions, pursue their creative endeavors, and take their careers to the next level.

In that vein, the addition of the C-Motion Legacy lens control system represents a leap forward in production quality that our renters can achieve strictly from Magnanimous gear.

C-Motion Legacy Wireless Follow Focus – Overview & Setup – Magnanimous Media from Magnanimous Media on Vimeo.

Maintaining suspension of disbelief is a crucial aspect of narrative film-making that is accomplished through countless means. One popular method involves maintaining image control that keeps your audience focused on the story rather than on camera movements and focus pulls. This control is what the C-Motion delivers with the high precision that multimillion-dollar productions utilize.

The C-Motion can also help you get the best performance out of your lenses, especially DSLR glass like the Canon L-Series lenses. For a relatively small outlay, L-Series glass, especially primes, resolve an image that rivals glass at twice the price and half the availability. However, these lenses fall short for video production by having an infinitely rotating focus ring and a very short throw to various distances. A simple calibration allows you to create stopping points on the lens, solving the infinite location while allowing you to pull focus to precise distances repeatedly. Additionally, the C-Motion allows the user to temporarily change the throw of a particular range of focus, providing for snap focus pulls or stretching that thirty to infinity pull out to a manageable distance.

Remote lens control has obvious benefits for situations where it is either dangerous or inconvenient for an AC to pull focus manually, including crane shots, Steadicam, rapid dolly movements, or handheld operation. Many situations arise where you’ll need to adjust your exposure without immediate access to the lens, but the far more beneficial result is having one less body and set of hands touching the camera system. With wireless iris control, the C-Motion system allows a DIT to shade the lens from the comfort of a video village waveform monitor.

The result of all of these capabilities is the user’s ability to realize difficult shots and create more compelling images.

Take a look today and let us know what you think!


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